AGO: Gregorius Plate Often Travels Abroad with BAKTI Kominfo Budget

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Previously, the Attorney General’s Office (Kejagung) had named four suspects in the alleged corruption case in the provision of 4G Base Transceiver Station (BTS) infrastructure and supporting infrastructure packages 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the Telecommunications and Information Accessibility Agency (BAKTI) of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kemenkominfo) 2020-2022.

The most recent suspect is Mukti Ali (MA) as the Account Director of PT Huawei Tech Investment. Based on monitoring, Tuesday (24/1/2023), the Supreme Court came out wearing a pink prisoner’s vest at around 22.15 WIB from the AGO Round Building, South Jakarta. He did not convey any information to the media crew.

“Together with AAL, they entered into a conspiracy conspiracy so that PT Huawei entered the consortium,” said the Director of Investigations at the Jampidsus AGO, Kuntadi, at the location.

The three other suspects, namely Anang Achmad Latif (AAL) as Main Director of BAKTI Kominfo, Galumbang Menak S (GMS) as Main Director of PT Mora Telematics Indonesia, and Yohan Suryato (YS) as Human Development Expert at the University of Indonesia (Hudev UI) 2020.

Head of the Legal Information Center (Kapuspenkum) of the Attorney General’s Office Ketut Sumedana said the three suspects were immediately sent to the Salemba detention center (Rutan), Central Jakarta.

“The investigation team at the Jampidsus Investigation Directorate have determined and detained three suspects,” said Ketut in his statement, Wednesday, January 4, 2023.

Ketut said the three of them would be held at the Salemba State Detention Center at the Attorney General’s Office for 20 days from January 4 2023 to January 23 2023.

According to Ketut, AAL was charged because he was suspected of deliberately issuing regulations that had been arranged in such a way as to shut down opportunities for other potential participants so that fair and competitive business competition did not materialize in getting bid prices.

“This was done in order to secure the procurement price which has been marked up in such a way,” he said.

While GMS jointly provided input and advice to AAL on the Main Director’s Regulation which was intended to benefit vendors and the consortium as well as the company as one of the suppliers of one of the devices.

Whereas YS allegedly used Hudev UI to make technical studies that he made himself. Technical studies in order to accommodate AAL’s interests to be included in the study resulting in overpriced OE.

“In addition, today in order to strengthen the investigation, the investigation team also conducted searches at four different locations where the suspects lived,” Ketut concluded.

Ketut said they were suspected of violating Article 2 paragraph (1) and Article 3 jo. Article 18 of Law Number 31 of 1999 as amended and supplemented by Law Number 20 of 2001 in conjunction with Article 55 paragraph (1) 1st of the Criminal Code.

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