Agony – The title is censored on consoles


The 16th of April 2018 at 16:32

Agony is not out yet that he already faces problems related to his violence. The creators find themselves having to censor it so that it is not classified as “Adult Only”.
Had to doubt blood
Madmind , the studio behind Agony , had to postpone the release of the title originally planned for the March 30th . The Horrifying FPS had been tried too violent by different bodies and the classification Adult Only That he was to receive meant that the game could not not go out on console .

The developers have therefore reviewed their priorities and decided to censor themselves so that Agony be classified Mature And to be able to offer their titles on as many platforms as possible.
In order to publish the game, we had to make some compromises. Otherwise, we should have deleted the entire project and never released it. In this spirit, we spent a lot of time making sure that censorship would not affect the perception of the game.
All versions of the game will offer the same content and the studio ensures that everything that has been shown until then (the gameplay , the trailers where the screenshots ) n / A not been censored .
The PC players, as for them, can rejoice because they will be able to download a optional patch to “censor censorship” and thus play the game as the developers had thought.

The game will be released in same time on different media but we did not no specific date , the only indication lies in a recent FAQ or Madmind says the game will be available soon .
Agony will be available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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