Agricultural machinery, a great source of data

By Agriculture. 20/09/2022 | 11:09


Precision agriculture is a one-way street that advances by leaps and bounds. With technology at hand, more and more producers and contractors are turning to data management to gain profitability and make their activity more sustainable. Automatic pilot, planting precision, performance monitoring, sensors for selective application in weed control and telemetry in machinery work are the main technological items that have grown steadily in the last 10 years.

The use of satellite flaggers was migrating to multifunction virtual guidance platforms with built-in autopilot systems, which is already perceived as a fundamental input and many companies incorporate it into their machinery. Telemetry systems (means by which the machinery is kept connected in real time with an information management platform) are transversal to all agricultural items, collecting and providing information to provide solutions or make decisions in real time.

The sprayers, from the point of view of the application of phytosanitary products, are equipped with a fully developed and widely adopted technology. In recent years the accuracy between passes has been increased, driving has been significantly improved through the incorporation of autopilots, also including new application computers, weather stations, as well as solenoid valves that react to the variation in the application in the field. fractions of seconds.

The state-of-the-art agricultural machinery offered by AFAT member companies constitutes a data factory that serves as a source for Apps and web platforms.. Today, the producer or contractor can carry out an increasingly precise monitoring and control of their productivity. The key is the speed of analyzing the data that has an impact on the business and accessing that information in a simple way makes the difference. It should be noted that in 2021, 100% of the forage harvesters, 93% of the harvesters and 73% of the patented tractors in the country were provided by the companies that AFAT represents, they assured from the entity.

INTA recently conducted a survey called Use of Apps and/or digital platforms for efficient data management in agriculture. According to the survey, 92% of respondents said they use apps or platforms, or their combination.

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Mixed usage leads the breakdown at 65%, followed by Apps at 17% and then Web platforms at 10%. According to what was surveyed, web platforms and apps are mainly used to consult weather conditions, management of tasks such as planting, fertilization, spraying, harvesting, marketing and logistics, among other. Only a scant 8% of those consulted admitted that they did not use any of the options.

In this sense, the agricultural machinery industry aims to integrate digital technologies to offer smart and connected agriculture, with easy-to-use solutions, helping to make the activity more sustainable and productive.