For the second day, the General Authority for Veterinary Services in the Ministry of Agriculture, represented by the Central Administration of Preventive Medicine and the directorates of veterinary medicine in all governorates, continue to vaccinate livestock against foot-and-mouth disease and contractile skin through the national campaign launched yesterday.

Dr. Mona Mehrez, Deputy Minister of Agriculture for Livestock and Fisheries said that the national campaign to vaccinate cattle against foot-and-mouth disease and skin contractions continues for one month and the campaign is from house to house in villages and single farms in 27 governorates.

The deputy minister of agriculture added that all veterinary units in the republic are participating in the campaign. All licenses for veterinarians have been canceled and vaccines are available. The campaign also includes registration and numbering.

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture appealed to all farmers to participate in the campaign and vaccinate their cattle to prevent the disease at this time and before the start of the winter season, where the foot-and-mouth virus is active.

Dr. Ibrahim Mahrous, head of the General Services Authority, said that the campaign comes within the framework of the efforts of the Authority and the directorates of veterinary medicine at the level of the governorates of the Republic to control and control and reduce the spread of epidemics and infectious diseases that undermine the efforts of the development of livestock and affect negatively on the national economy of the country.

The Commission began implementing the second national campaign for the year 2018 for immunization against foot and mouth disease, Rift Valley fever and registration and numbering of animals not previously registered, starting on 15/9/2018 and for one month to work on raising levels of immunological suppression of animals in various governorates in anticipation of the period of activity of the disease Winter) and to complement what has been achieved by the campaigns of immunization.

Immunization against the disease is done three times a year (every four months) to maintain the level of antibodies in the appropriate extent to prevent the disease and to eliminate the foot-and-mouth disease by 2020. The following procedures will be taken by the doctors of the directorates of veterinary medicine at the level of the Republic: 6 days a week.

Mahrous added that all the data will be recorded with the animal registration card, numbering and immunization and the implementation of law 13 of 2014, by releasing the police record to refrain from providing animals for the immunization process or a record of proof of the case is signed by a member of the local administration, One time for each animal and do not repeat the injection of more than one animal of the same age, and immunization of healthy animals ostensibly only and in the case of suspicion of any epidemic disease is taking precautionary measures followed in this regard.



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