Ah, so this is why the Mass Effect movie was never made

Mass Effect 2 crew

I 2010, The overall effect A surprise came to the fans: the beloved video game franchise would be ideal for film, and Bioware would go hand in hand with the development. Following the announcement, Customization is combined with amazing names. Avi Arad (co-founder of Marvel Studios) was set up as a producer, the film was sponsored by Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros., and many of Bower’s own employees will be deeply involved.

Unfortunately, that’s all we’ve heard about this project – now it looks like it’s officially dead in the water.

The sea

In A new interview Business Insider, Mac Walters, Director Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Confirmed The overall effect The film was dropped by the crew of Legendary.

“We always felt like we were fighting IP,” Walters said of the plan. “What story are we going to tell in 90 to 120 minutes? Shall we do it justice? ”

It was these concerns that eventually led to the script being reworked and canceled.

Like everyone who has played The overall effect Obviously, games can not be steamed up to a simple 2-hour movie. The story is about great, global experiences, the conditions you create along the way and the fight for justice in a huge, cosmic universe. A finished film would have ruined so much subtlety The overall effect Is.

According to Walters, it underwent several changes before it was discontinued – including becoming an episodic TV series. But despite the value of the switch to Walters and Legendary TV, the project still fell apart.

“It was never taken again, not because of a lack of effort,” Walters said Business Insider.

This does not mean that you lose all hope of future adaptation Total power, Although. While the idea of ​​adapting the story of legendary images seems to have cooled, Walters believes it is only a matter of time before other interested parties are invited. Video Game Customizations Rise Up Again, And The overall effect Is mature with a worthy description.

It could be the potential success of upcoming adaptations like HBO Last for us Encourages managers to take the project again – but again, it might be another good idea to put the growth hell on the shelf.

The story first appeared in Cotaku Australia.