Ahlam angers the Libyans and Fuad al-Qaritli comments after leaving the Voice: “What has no choice?”


The exit of the Libyan subscriber Fouad Al-Quretli From the fourth season of The Voice , The wrath of the Libyans, who objected to the actions of the artist Ahlam, and her preference for the Yemeni joint Suha al-Masri, after the public voted for the participant Faisal Al-Ansari, who received the highest percentage of votes. The Libyans were accused Dreams Racism, stressing that the performance Suha Al – Masri Was not good, unlike the performance of Fouad al-Qarabli, explaining that Ahlam had made a mistake in choosing her.

Fouad Al-Quretli

Fouad Al-Quraithi, however, chirped through his official account on Twitter: “Dreams I do not think she had a second choice today but she chooses Suha after I did not vote. It was a difficult choice. ” Fouad also published Taghreed’s dreams in which he replied: “Your words are 100% true. I have an Olga singing all the colors of the Westerner. A foreigner, an Italian, a Spanish, an Englishman and an Arab. He was chosen by the audience and I am a fan, and you voted for the audience. He was raising your vote more because you deserve more today. On the most important Arabic screen God help you and I’m your side. ”

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