«Ahli» pumps 3 billion pounds for agricultural activity for about 9.7 thousand projects

«Ahli» pumps 3 billion pounds for agricultural activity for about 9.7 thousand projects

We offer you the latest news in the following article: «Ahli» pumps 3 billion pounds for agricultural activity for 9.7 thousand projects, quoting the site of the delegation, on Sunday, 10 June 2018. Books – Dr. Mohamed Adel

Hisham Okasha, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Bank of Egypt and Dr. Mohamed Abdel Aati, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation signed a cooperation protocol in the presence of Eng. Sherif Ismail, Prime Minister. The Protocol aims at strengthening cooperation to support and develop agricultural development projects with economic return through providing the necessary funding for the development and modernization of methods and methods of irrigation. The protocol comes within the framework of the implementation of the State Strategy 2030 towards the development of the agricultural sector and the provision of the necessary resources for suitable irrigation water by regularizing the traditional field irrigation methods (irrigation by flooding), which result in excessive use of water and replacing it with modern irrigation methods. And drip), which guide the consumption of water, especially in the Valley and Delta area, which enables the redistribution of the water ration according to

Of the Agricultural Development Plan, with the aim of achieving self-sufficiency in bridging the food gap of some strategic crops, as well as increasing agricultural export earnings. Pointing out that the activation of the transformation to the modern irrigation system in Fayoum Governorate has been launched on an area of ​​208 acres under the technical supervision of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation. Hisham Okasha added that the funding available from the National Bank for agricultural activities and related activities amounted to LE 3 billion for 9.7 thousand projects. The bank’s direct and indirect SME portfolio amounted to LE 44.7 billion for some 63,000 projects and is planned to increase to LE 100 billion During the next three years, which confirms the interest This is a file. He explained that the bank is interested in supporting and developing small and medium-sized enterprises, especially agriculture. It aims to provide an integrated system of financial and technical solutions that are specific to all parties through which the necessary funding will be provided to owners of agricultural lands who need to implement modern irrigation systems, Water and irrigation, in order to ensure the rapid implementation of these projects because of the added value at the level of the national economy. He explained that the implementation of modern irrigation networks contributes to the provision of about 85% of irrigation water and increase the productivity of agricultural land by about 35%, as part of the initiative of the Central Bank of Egypt to support small projects when the conditions of access to it or any of the financing programs available at the bank. Akasha said that the bank takes into account the special nature of these projects, where funding is available in easy and simplified procedures commensurate with its reality, ensuring the quality of service and speed of decision making through all the credit centers and branches of the bank in various governorates of the Republic. We thank you and the visitors to the field of the news field for trust and presence, and we promise you to provide all new and important from all reliable news sources, has been transferred «Ahli» pumps 3 billion pounds for agricultural activity for about 9.7 thousand projects , And the source is responsible for the health of the news or not. Source: Wafd

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