Ahmad al-Fishawi publishes his new film “122” (Picture)


The young artist Ahmedalvichawi published the poster for his new film “122” through his official page of the site of images and videos “Instagram”, roasting his audience with the atmosphere of horror, suspense and excitement. The film “122” starring Tariq Lutfi, Ahmed Dawood, Amin Khalil, Ahmad al-Fishawi, Tara Imad and Mahmoud Hijazi, and the composition of Salah al-Jahini and production Maqam and directed by Yasser Yasiri. Disclaimer: The content of this news was transmitted by the technology of the news search engine, which was published by Al-Fajr website and does not express a point of view Egypt But it was transferred content as it is from the link below Al Fajr Newspaper We are not responsible for the content of the news, and all external links have been removed from the subject. “Art News: Ahmad Al-Fishawi publishes his new film” 122 “(photo).


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