Ahmed El Sakka burying the body of Haitham Ahmed Zaki


The star Ahmed Al Sakka took the burial of the late artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki in the family tomb next to the body of his father Ahmed Zaki, and the artist Mamdouh Wafi on the way of the oases, which was buried in this cemetery based on his will to bury him next to his old friend Ahmed Zaki.

The artist Dora wrote through her personal page, saying: "Ahmed al-Saqqa buried Haitham as if his little brother, a great and good man Aljd good gentleman compassionate .. Ahmed Saqqa Mfish uniform .. certificate of truth."

The funeral and funeral of the artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki ended in the tombs of the family, with the participation of a number of artists, including Ahmed El Sakka, director Sameh Abdel Aziz, Ahmed El Saadany and Mohamed Lotfy, Karim El Adl, Mohamed Imam, Mohamed Henedy, Elham Shaheen and Amir. Shaheen, Hisham Majid, Bassem Samra, Omar Al-Saeed, the meeting of Thursday, her husband Abdel Monsef, Dalal Abdel Aziz, Nihal Anbar, Magda Zaki, Zeina, Bossi Shalaby, Fifi Abdo, Mohamed Shaheen, Mona Abdel Ghani, Mohamed Farrag, Tarek Abdel Aziz, Ayten Amer, Basma, director Ali Badrakhan, director Emad El-Bahat, journalist Ahmed Schubert and Ashraf Zaki.

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