Ahmed Fathi, the back of Ayman Al-Ahly, raised the controversy over his fate with the team during the coming period, given the end of his contract with the club at the end of the current season (2019-2020).

On Tuesday, Fathi, through his personal account in “Story” on the social network “Instagram”, published a picture dominated by the blue color, distinctive of the Pyramids Club.

Some fans considered this photo a sign of Ahmed Fathi that he was close to joining Pyramids, and he rejected Al-Ahly’s offer to extend his contract with the Red Club.

The 48-hour deadline that Ahmed Fathi requested to respond to Al-Ahly’s offer for renewing his contract expires at noon on Wednesday, after the session he held with the club, on Monday.

Fathi, who apologized for attending the first session before the second was postponed due to the closure of his walls by Al-Ahly, held a session with the Planning Committee, and the official website of Al-Ahly stated that the committee offered the renewal to the player in exchange for his expertise, but the player asked 48 hours to respond positively or negatively, in order to postpone the settlement of the matter.

A source in Al-Ahly confirmed, Laila Koura, that the club offered Fathi to obtain 11 million pounds in one season, while bearing taxes amounting to 3 million pounds in the season, instead of being borne by the player himself, while exempting him from deducting 25% of the value of his contract in the event Not reaching the required level to participate in the matches.

But Fathi, according to the source – who declined to be named – requested a sum of 16 million pounds per season to renew the contract, and that the offer submitted by Pyramids to the 35-year-olds exceeds materially what was presented by Al-Ahly, which prompted the player not to sign with the club Red during the session.

It is noteworthy that the former Ismaili player moved to Al-Ahly in 2007 from Sheffield United, and had two trials on loan with Kuwaiti Kazma clubs in 2007 and Hull City in 2013, and joined Umm Salal of Qatar in 2014, before returning to the Red Castle in 2015.


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