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Ahmed Saad responds to Sumaya al – Khashab: Kaddabin Maratach assets – video

In an indirect way, the Egyptian artist Ahmed Saad responded to the statements made by the artist, Sumaya al-Khashab, during her stay as guest of the program (the story) with the Egyptian broadcaster Amr Adib.

Ahmed just published a video, appeared in the studio recording sound, sings a piece of his latest songs, and seems to guide him to toxicity.

Ahmed says in the lyrics of the song: (Nas Maratash assets, Kdabin Mtmrsh them, Khodni railway to reach, a normal God reward them).

In her statements to Amr Adib, Sumaya confirmed that she had decided to separate from Ahmed after one year of their marriage, and that the marriage was technically disabled.

Read: Sumaya al-Khashab did not delete photos with Ahmed Saad and do you return to him?



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