Ahmed Sheiba surprise «Ramadan» in «Eagle Upper»


Surprisingly, the artist Mohammed Ramadan, his audience in the series “Eagle of Upper Egypt,” with the participation of singer Ahmed Chiba, to sing the series Ttar to be launched during the next two days, through the official channel of «Ramadan» on the site «YouTube». “Ramadan” refused all the works that were presented to him to sing the series Tatar, to decide to choose a song from the works of Ahmed Sheiba, which ended the series for a week ago. Shibba said in a special statement to Vito: “My participation in Ramadan at the Upper Egypt is a surprise to the public and I am happy to work with him,” he said, adding that he was preparing to record some of his own songs for the coming weeks. The series “Eagle of the Upper Egypt” starring Mohammed Ramadan and Sayed Rajab, Aisha Bint Ahmed, Dina, Aida Riad, Mohammed Ezz, Youssef Osman, Mo’men Nour, Hajar Ahmed, Mohammed Hatem, written by Mohammed Abdul Muti, directed by Yasser Sami, .


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