AI-based liquidity management to optimize the financial situation in companies

Finances are a very complex matter today due to the many different areas and processes in companies, where you can quickly lose track and produce errors. What used to be managed with the help of a business account book, there are now digital solutions that a company can use to manage all developments in its cash holdings.

Efficient liquidity management for SMEs

Liquidity management is a special challenge, especially for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs). Although it is one of the most important topics, it is often given too little attention. At the latest during the last financial crisis in 2008 and the corona pandemic with its challenges, it became clear that many companies have insufficient knowledge of their own liquidity.

Here it is necessary to acquire the appropriate specialist knowledge and also to get technical help that not only enables you to determine the respective financial situation as transparently as possible, but also to analyze it, manage it and integrate it accordingly correct if errors are identified, such as liquidity gaps.

A modern software solution can also monitor payment transactions, show possible payment defaults by customers (including a trend in payment behavior) or the ideal time to make payments yourself. A high-quality software solution in the field of liquidity management such as that from tidely can even determine the optimal time for future investments.

tidely – Startup with big ambitions and lots of potential

The 2020 by Niclas Storz, Dr. Joerg Haller, Archibald Sheran and Dr. Stefan Tuschen founded company tidely offers its customers an intuitive dashboard that shows the complete flow of liquidity planning with relevant key figures. With a liquidity forecast based on an AI-based auto-forecast, the respective liquidity requirement can be determined at the push of a button. In addition, the software is able to automatically detect problems based on the integrated data (via an API) and to make suggestions for appropriate countermeasures.

In the long term, the still young startup wants to become the leading European financial management solution for SMEs. The specially developed B2B SaaS software solution is intended to serve as the control center for the company’s finances and bundle all financial information in one place so that the company can make and execute all relevant financial decisions on this basis.

The software from tidely enables all processes to be managed centrally, from planning and optimization to initiating financing and investments. The digital solution from tidely also makes it easy to export the data to accounting or tax consultants.

Strong expertise of the founders

What benefits the company greatly is the expertise of its founders. For example, co-founder Niclas Storz can draw on many years of experience that he was able to gather through his work at a well-known management consultancy. There he accompanies and advises banks in advancing their digital transformation. He is also a member of the Global Advisory Board of ARRIA NLG, in which role he is responsible for Financial Services. Until 2019, Niclas Storz was Senior Partner and Managing Director of The Boston Consulting Group. He laid the professional foundation by training as a bank clerk and studying industrial engineering.

also dr Jörg Haller, also co-founder of tidely, can refer to experience. As a project manager and leader, he dealt with the topic of corporate development, was Director Strategy & KPIs for several years, is the founder of Haller Business Consulting and became co-founder of tidely in 2020, where he acts as Managing Director.

Easy integration into different systems

The great advantage that modern software solutions have is their easy integration into existing systems. In this way, tidely can also be linked to upstream ERP, accounting or invoice management systems such as lexoffice, sevDesk, pliant, Microsoft Dynamics, xentral or debitoor and many more without any problems.

The integration is carried out completely automatically and the system starts with the liquidity planning in real time. The company offers potential customers to try the software using their own liquidity figures. An appointment during which tidely demonstrates the application is also possible.

Liquidity management solutions are a helpful tool for small and medium-sized companies to have a much better overview of their own finances in the future and to plan their use more successfully.

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