AIB has confirmed that it has sold its network of non-branch ATMs to Point Cash by Brink’s.

According to the bank, the agreement will make Brink retain the more than 500 existing ATMs across the country.

Customers of any bank that have debit cards issued in the Republic of Ireland will continue to incur no additional charge or fee when using these ATMs.

“AIB will continue to own and manage ATMs and cash devices and checks located at our branches,” the banks said in a statement.

The lender also said he remains committed to serving his clients through a wide variety of options.

“In addition to continuing to offer all existing services through our branch ATM network, customers will be able to perform bank operations in branches, through our application, online and by phone,” he said.

The Bank of Ireland is currently involved in a process to try to sell its 700 non-bank ATMs.

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