For the first time in ten months, a relief convoy of the United Nations reached again the refugee camp Rukban on the Syrian-Jordanian border. In the camp, up to 50,000 people are in urgent need of assistance, said the United Nations. In addition to food, medicines and hygiene articles, vaccines will also be distributed to around 10,000 children.

The convoy was supposed to arrive a week ago after the government in Damascus gave its approval. Logistical and security reasons delayed according to UN data but the auxiliary delivery. A US-backed rebel group controls the area. In October, the Syrian army cordoned off the camp on the grounds that they wanted to prevent smugglers and dealers from doing business there.

For the last time, the UN and the aid organization Syrian Arab Red Crescent were able to secure the refugee camp in January of this year. According to UN information, women and children live there, above all. Thousands of people are life-threatening because of the lack of food and medicine. Local activists also reported that five people had recently died in the camp due to poor health care.

The convoy in January had started from Jordan. Since then, however, the kingdom has closed the border for aid convoys and declared the area a military zone after an attack on a nearby Jordanian border post. The country, which in recent years had taken in numerous refugees from the civil war country Syria, rejects any responsibility for the conditions in the camp across the border.



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