Aid for Hong Kong: China threatens to go abroad

Criticism from China

China’s foreign ministry spokesman protested: “All Hong Kong compatriots, including those who have overseas passports as British citizens, are Chinese nationals.” A change in this policy violates international law and fundamental norms of international relations. “The Chinese side strongly condemns this and reserves the right to have further answers.”

The new security law had met with harsh criticism in Hong Kong and internationally. China’s state security organs have far-reaching powers in what is actually an autonomous Chinese special administrative region. Although the seven million Hong Kongers were guaranteed freedom and autonomy when they changed sovereignty in 1997, Chinese state security organs will have free rein in Hong Kong and can investigate independently.

The British Prime Minister saw a “clear and serious breach” of the “joint declaration” with China on the return at the time. The law violates Hong Kong’s autonomy rights and is contrary to the Basic Law of the Special Administrative Region, Johnson said.

Offer also from Australia

In response, the Australian government is also considering issuing special visas to Hong Kong citizens that could be endangered by the Security Act. The situation in Hong Kong is “very worrying,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said in Canberra. His government is “very actively” thinking about ways to protect Hong Kong. In any case, the relationship between Australia and its most important economic partner China is tense.
Seven police officers were injured in the Hong Kong protests on Wednesday. An official was wounded with a stabbing weapon, the police said. The 24-year-old attacker was later arrested on board an airplane before departing for the UK, the South China Morning Post reported.

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