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AIDS Council: Worrying New Infections in Adolescents 15 and 24 Years

Adolescents aged 15 to 24 are the ones who contribute to the highest HIV / AIDS infections, according to the National Aids Control Council.

The NACC said that of the 52,000 deaths caused by HIV / AIDS in 2017, 17,000 were adolescents.

Council Deputy Director John Kimigwi said teenage pregnancies reported in Kilifi five months ago increased from 13,000 to 17,850.

He said this figure is worrying and is contributing to the spread of HIV and AIDS in the county, which is one of those with a high level of poverty.

"In the country, we're continuing the war on HIV, but we still have challenges," he said.

Kimigwi spoke during Pwani University's International Condoms Day on Wednesday.

The event was also attended by Kilifi, Executive Member of Gender, Culture and Youth, Maureen Mwangovya.

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Also present were the King and Queen of the condom in Kenya, who demonstrated how to use condoms.

The deputy director said it was necessary to set a strategy for reaching youth in order to reduce the spread of HIV.

"We need to work together to develop strategies to help young people under the age of 24 so that their lives and health are good," Kimigwi said.

CEC said the new statistics on teenage pregnancy are alarming, as they are a clear sign that teens are carrying unprotected sex.

She said if no action was taken in the next five years, the number would destroy the younger generation.

"It's important to take a step to reduce teenage pregnancy as adolescents aged 15 to 19 are increasingly suffering from AIDS," she said.

In Kilifi she said that HIV / AIDS in adolescents is 38 percent and that the majority of those affected are girls.

Thousands of condoms were also distributed in the area.

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