Ain Shams: Gastric bypass is the best technique in the world


The Faculty of Medicine of Ain Shams University and the Department of Obstetrics Surgery organized a morning press conference to announce the results of the morning surgery of the patient Omeima Salah, weighing 300 kg. The gastric bypass was performed in one hour only. Dr. Khalid Jawdat, Professor of Obesity Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, said that a team of surgeons performed rare and unique surgery for a patient with a weight of 300 kg. He pointed out that the club of surgeons specialized in the university hospitals is carrying more than 5 cases of weights close to this weight per month, stressing that the clinic decided to conduct the surgery “Omaima” free of charge, and adopted the whole situation in recognition of economic conditions, especially as it has the largest center for obesity surgery in the Middle East, The process of converting the stomach is considered the most important global technology so far, as the entrance of the stomach is separated from the rest of the area, and the work of a bridge Of the intestines to reduce the patient’s eating and weight reduction, ensuring that it does not return to obesity again, and then be rehabilitated and processed. He explained that during the six months, Omeima will lose between 45 and 60 kilograms of weight, and in the next six months she will lose between 30 and 40 kilograms, meaning that Her weight will decline between 90 and 100 kg within a year, to reach the ideal weight gradually, stressing that normal operations are reduced weight and then come back again, but this technique does not allow the return of lost weight again. Dr. Tarek Yousef, Vice President of Al-Demerdash Surgical Hospital, said that we have a center for obesity surgery that conducts more than 80 cases a month from simple to large. He explained that obesity surgery is expensive surgery all over the world and is not subject to health insurance. The problem is that we can do this without any gain, and there are 20% of the procedures that are done free of charge by other parties. The story is not a cosmetic or complementary process because of obesity. The story is not just the operation, but the problem is where surgery is performed. In cheap places, and most drugs Surgical surgeries are for single use, for example surgical staplers, which are only used once, then thrown in the garbage and disposed of completely. He told us that in Ain Shams we were able to overcome this problem in order to protect the patient from the transmission of diseases, for example the C-virus, and we succeeded with the help of the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and the General Administration of Hospitals to provide the service and use the equipment only once and then get rid of them, And at the lowest cost, explaining that there is no surgery is 100% safe, but there are complications to the patient, especially those with heavy weights, which result in serious complications. The real problem is in the costs used in consumables, which should be used only once, especially with the insistence of Ain Shams University to adhere to international standards for the procedure, for example, these surgeries, hospital management was able to agree with the manufacturers of consumers, Once per patient, Al-Dormdash is the only university and government that does not reuse consumables, to protect patients from viruses, AIDS and surgical complications. Dr. Mohie El Banna, professor of obesity surgery at Ain Shams University, said that the Department of Obesity Surgery was established in July 2016 as the first university academic department specializing in obesity surgery in Egypt and the Middle East under the chairmanship of Dr. Alaa Abbas. Scientific Conferences participated in the research and workshops, also participated for the first time as a specialized section of the Conference of the Faculty of Medicine last March, and the Department aims to establish the practical principles in dealing with patients with obesity, and today Dr. Khaled Jawdat, Obesity is a process for a patient weighing more than 300 kg free of charge with the support of Dr. Mahmoud El-Matiny Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. Today, the department moves to a new stage of performance using the latest types of American staplers using a single-use system. The staplers are automatic, Pins also ensure that the single-use stapler system ensures that the infection is not transferred from one patient to another and ensures the efficiency of the staplers used. Source : Echo country


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