Air Algerie's planes have taken off again, but a new strike notice is announced

Most of Air Algérie’s planes were flying again Tuesday, the day after a day of strikes having grounded most of the fleet of the Algerian national carrier, but stewards and hostesses announced a new strike notice.
All flights – domestic and international – Air Algeria from Algiers had been canceled Monday after the outbreak at the dawn of a strike, described as “surprise” by the company.
Only two aircraft chartered by Air Algérie, took off at the end of the day from Algiers airport, bound for France. Flights from other Algerian airports had also been very disrupted.
On Tuesday, the majority of morning flights took off, some late, according to the site of the international airport Houari Boumediene of Algiers and websites of “tracking” air.
Only a few domestic flights seemed not to have taken off two or three hours after the scheduled schedule, without being posted “canceled.
Declared illegal Monday in summary by the Algerian justice, the strike had been suspended at the beginning of the evening by the National Union of the Algerian commercial cabin crew (SNPNCA) which announced Tuesday morning to the AFP its intention to file a new notice.
“We are not outlaws, we have suspended the strike because of the court decision,” union secretary Karim Ourad told AFP, but “we are going to reschedule strike notice” .
The legal period between filing and strike is 21 days in Algeria. In the meantime “we will be doing cyclical strikes (wild, ed) from next week if the general direction of Air Algeria does not come into contact with us,” he threatened.
The strikers are demanding the reinstatement of a “schedule” for wage increases, concluded in January 2017 by the previous management of the company and frozen by the current boss, Bakhouche Alleche, head of Air Algeria since February.
Air Algérie’s commercial director, Zoheir Houaoui, said on public radio on Tuesday that the company could not raise wages “to the detriment of the company’s financial equilibrium”.
The agreement concluded in 2017 can be implemented “once the company will be better” but for the moment, “the financial balance is quite fragile,” he said. “Air Algeria operates in a highly competitive environment” and “the goal is to preserve jobs,” said Houaoui.

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