‘Air Ambulance’ Prepared, Bring East Java Patients to Galang Island

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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture Muhadjir Effendy instruct the patient to be positive Covid-19 of Surabaya, East Java who experience symptoms are being treated at the Special Infection Hospital (RSKI) Galang Island in the Riau Islands.

Muhadjir requested that these patients be transported from Surabaya by utilizing the Air Force’s transportation facilities. He has also requested that the TNI Commander coordinate with the Joint Regional Defense Command Commander II and the Head of the Covid-19 Task Force relating to the technical and scenarios for the use of Galang Island RSKI for patients from Surabaya.

“For patients who are mild or moderate will be sent to Galang Island with transportation that has been prepared by the Air Force,” Muhadjir said, Thursday (2/7).

Muhadjir considered the use of Galang Island RSKI for patients from Surabaya because cases in the City of Heroes continued to surge. Galang Island is considered to be able to reduce the burden on hospitals in Surabaya due to a buildup of patients infected with the corona virus.

“We will consider together, this is to reduce the burden of hospitals in Surabaya, especially in RSUD Dr. Soetomo,” he said.

Special Infection Hospital on Galang Island, Riau Islands, was specifically built as one of the referral hospitals to anticipate the explosion of positive cases of Covid-19.

COVID-19 patients who have recovered left the treatment room at the Galang Island Infection Special Hospital, Batam, Riau Islands, Sunday (05/03/2020).  A total of 18 COVID-19 patients, 15 ABK KM Kelud and three members of the Riau Islands Police were declared cured and discharged after undergoing treatment and two swab tests with negative results.  BETWEEN PHOTOS / Pradanna Putra Tampi / Mnk / aww.Some corona virus patients in Surabaya, East Java will be treated at Galang Island Hospital, Riau Islands (ANTARA PHOTO / MN Kanwa)

The hospital consists of 360 ward with 240 rooms for people under monitoring (ODP), 100 rooms for patients under monitoring (PDP) and 20 negative pressure isolation rooms. However, as of June 30, there were only 53 patients treated there.

Muhadjir continued that President Joko Widodo had also requested that Covid-19 Emergency Hospital be optimized to treat patients infected with Corona Virus with moderate symptoms.

Even so, Muhadjir stressed Galang Island RSKI was not closed to patients from outside the City of Heroes. “Because the President’s direction does not have to be Surabaya, actually. But it could be from outside. Especially from PMI (Indonesian Migrant Workers), as well as patients from the Riau Islands Province,” he said.

Based on central government data, positive cases of corona virus in East Java are the highest in Indonesia, namely 12,695 positive cases as of Thursday (2/7). A total of 948 of them died and 4,391 were declared cured.

On a national level, the central government announced that there had been 57,770 positive cases as of Thursday (2/7). A total of 2,934 of them died and 25,595 were declared cured of corona virus infection.

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