An aerial bomb was found on Tuesday in Stadtbergen. The bomb is still to be defused today, 1900 people have to leave their homes.

In Stadtbergen near Augsburg, a 250-kilogram bomb has been found on Tuesday near work on the horse street. The dud is in an excavation on the corner of Friedenstrasse. 1900 people currently have to leave their homes so that the bomb can be defused.

Explosives experts investigated the relic from the Second World War in the morning. Accordingly, it is an American aircraft bomb. The locality is located in the middle of a residential area, where mainly one-family houses are.

Currently there is no acute danger to local residents, stressed a police spokesman on the Mitag. However, Stadt Stadtbergen, in close consultation with the demolition expert, the police and the fire brigade, decided that the bomb would be defused later this Tuesday evening.

In Stadtbergen near Augsburg, an aerial bomb was discovered on Tuesday, November 6th. The environment must be evacuated before defusing can begin. A first assessment of the police.

Aerial bomb in Stadtbergen is defused today

In order to avoid danger to local residents during the defuse, the area around the bomb site is evacuated since about 15 o'clock. It is the following area:

  • west to Hagenmähderstraße
  • south to Goethestraße
  • east to Finkenweg
  • north to Polkstraße

This area around the site of the aerial bomb in Stadtbergen is being evacuated.

Picture: Police

The Evacuation started at 15 o'clock, Since then, police and firefighters are on their way to warn people and bring them out of their homes. Also loudspeaker cars drive through the affected area.

When all the houses in the evacuation zone have been evacuated, they should start defusing. This will be according to the current state of planning about 18 o'clock his.

  • Stadtberger, who have no accommodation at this time, can visit the Sports hall Stadtbergen (Am Sportpark 2) come, there was a supervised by the red cross Established contact point,
  • In the city hall Stadtbergen was one Registration office for ambulance transport set up. Under the phone number 0821/2438176 or directly at the Integrated Control Center under the number 19222 transports of apartments can be organized in the sports hall for inaccessible persons.
  • Children who are at schools or day care centers can be picked up easily. The Schools and daycare are not affected by the evacuation.
  • Since 16 o'clock it comes to restrictions of the line 3: city outward drives this only up to the stop Bürgermeister Bohl road. There all passengers have to get off. Passengers who want to travel from the final stop into the city will still be able to do so until 5 pm. From 17:00, the tram traffic in the affected area will be completely stopped.

  • Stadtwerke Augsburg inform on Facebook at @swaMobilitaet and on Twitter at @swaTransport and the usual local information channels.

The excitement among the residents on the Pferseer Straße in Stadtbergen was great in the afternoon. Shortly before 15 clock Peter Selzle came to the site of the bomb. He lives opposite. "I do not know yet where to go now," he said. He was one of about a dozen residents standing in front of the pit along the scaffolding. Most will probably be staying with friends and relatives until the bomb is defused.

In Stadtbergen, a 250-kilogram bomb has been found on Tuesday near work on the street "Pferseer Straße". The dud lies in an excavation pit on the corner of Friedenstrasse, covered by a tent. A look over the affected area.

Video: Philipp Kinne

Hedwig Scheel also lives opposite the excavation pit. Actually, an owner's meeting had been planned on the square in front of her house today. "It will not work today," she said. Instead, she will probably spend in a cafe outside the evacuation area. "I hope everything will be fine," said the pensioner.

Evacuation in Stadtbergen: 1900 people have to leave apartments

The last major mission due to an aerial bomb in the Augsburg area was only in July. At that time, a 225-kilogram bomb had been discovered at Herrenbachstrasse in Augsburg. In order for the dud to be defused, more than 1,000 people had to leave their homes for several hours.

In Stadtbergen itself remained in recent years, larger bomb finds. Most recently, a World War II heritage caused a stir there at Easter 2014. The English firebomb had been discovered at a construction site on Ziegelstadel. Explosives experts were able to transport the 15 by 50 centimeters large, cylindrical bomb with an explosive phosphorus mixture and render it harmless.

Further information about the aerial bomb Stadtbergen here

We will keep you up to date on the further development of the aerial bomb in Stadtbergen.

Aerial bomb Stadtbergen

Aerial bomb in Stadtbergen – pictures of defusing

Image: Marcus Merk

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