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The public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt and Munich reported in separate communications that police officers searched 24 properties in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. The statement only stated that the activities of the services were related to a certain Russian businessman.

Raid on the oligarch’s mansion. Big action in Germany

The weekly “Der Spiegel” found that police officers were checking properties linked to Alisher Usmanov, one of Vladimir Putin’s allies, whose fortune is worth billions of euros. Due to its close affiliation with the Putin regime, Usmanov is included in the list of entities subject to sanctions by the United States and the European Union.

A statement from Frankfurt investigators shows that the investigation concerns several transactions in 2017-2022, for which a complex network of offshore companies was used. All this to hide the source and origin of the payment. The value of the transaction was millions of euros.

There is a suspicion that the amounts transferred came from crimes, mainly from tax avoidance, the prosecutor’s office wrote in a statement.

In turn, investigators from Munich revealed in a statement that their investigation concerns making payments to security companies that deal with property security. The payment for their services was supposed to be a violation of Western sanctions imposed on Usmanov after the start of the war in Ukraine.

In Russia, the newspaper “Kommersant” belongs to him, Usmanov also invested in sports, incl. through the acquisition of shares in the Arsenal FC football club. In 2015, he invested tens of millions of dollars in Uber.

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