Air rescue in Burgenland: Now it’s the regional administrative court’s turn

After a tendering process, the state of Burgenland was certain that Martin Flugrettung GmbH would operate two emergency medical helicopter locations in Burgenland in the future. However, the inferior provider ÖAMTC, which had previously been in use with its Christophorus helicopters in Burgenland, has appealed the result of the award procedure at the regional administrative court.

BURGENLAND. As already reported, the Martin Flugrettung GmbH of the Salzburg company Heli Austria came out on top of the award procedure. Both a new emergency medical helicopter location in northern Burgenland and the existing one in Oberwart were advertised.

“Technical and legal points” objected

Due to “technical and legal points” in the award procedure – according to a spokesman for the ÖAMTC to the APA – this decision is being appealed. Now it is the turn of the state administrative court, which should make a decision within six weeks.

“We acted correctly”

Lawyer Claus Casati, who led the procurement process, is not surprised. “Such a request for review is common. But the court case will show that we handled it correctly.”

“No political jury”

Casati explained the exact process of the award procedure to journalists – from the announcement in the EU Official Journal to the examination of the suitability and reliability of the applicants to the evaluation result of the award committee. “It was a purely professional jury and not a political jury,” says Casati.

Faster commissioning of the North site

According to Casati, the decisive factor in the decision against the ÖAMTC, in addition to the price criterion, was that Martin Flugrettung can put the location in northern Burgenland into operation more quickly. When it comes to the criteria for release time – “but it was only a matter of a few seconds”, says Casati – the ÖAMTC rated the personnel concept and CO2 consumption better.

Air rescue Martin clearly ahead

When weighting the individual factors, price was more important at 55 percent than quality criteria at 45 percent. “As a rule, in tenders there is a ratio of 80 percent price and 20 percent quality. With this process, however, we have placed particular emphasis on quality,” explained Casati. In any case, the result was clearly in favor of the Martin air rescue service. “We’re not talking about wafer-thin,” confirmed Casati.

Lawyer Claus Casati is convinced that the decision for the Martin air rescue service will hold up before the state administrative court.

Doskozil: “Objective and transparent procedure”

LH Hans Peter Doskozil pointed out that an objective and transparent award procedure was important to him. “We in the state government cannot and do not want to influence who wins the award process,” said Doskozil. At the same time, he emphasized that the current provider ÖAMTC had always been a reliable partner.

Accidents popped up on social media

Regarding media reports about several accidents at Heli Austria, Casati said: “That was not an issue in the award procedure. This has popped up on social media. And as far as I know, this relates less to air rescue and more to cargo flights – and these were not the subject of the tender.”
In the test procedure, references were also questioned and reliability checked. The company also already operates air rescue locations in Upper Austria, Tyrol and Salzburg. Casati: “If it works without any problems in these three federal states, why shouldn’t it work here in Burgenland?”

The operator of the new helicopter locations has been determined

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