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Air restrictions: in the first 12 days of July there would only be 16 direct flights to Miami

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American Airlines Flight 718 takes off from Miami, Florida, United States. REUTERS / Marco Bello

Historically, Miami has been a more seductive destination for Argentines. And at present, to the attractiveness of its beaches and its large shopping centers, it adds for travelers the possibility of accessing the coronavirus vaccine without difficulties. But the restrictions ordered by the national government last Friday to all airlines, limited the possibilities of traveling to that destination to the extreme.

There are only two airlines that operate with a direct flight between Buenos Aires and the city of Miami. One of them is Argentinian airlines. The state company published last Sunday night a flight schedule that covers from yesterday, June 27, 2020, until July 12. In the statement, 6 flights destined for Miami were confirmed while another 15 were canceled. This means that only six times Aerolineas Argentinas aircraft will depart for that destination of the 21 total that were planned until the last restrictions. Airlines also reported the schedule for 5 arrivals from that destination.

Administrative Decision 643/2021 limited the number of travelers that can reach the country, from 2,000 passengers per day to only 600. This means a reduction of 70% of the quota. Although the DNU issued does not explicitly restrict the departures, these are disturbed since the air routes are planned in a circular way, that is, a plane goes and returns, whatever the destination. So a cut in arrivals means yes or yes a cut in departures.

Vaccination center on the beaches of Miami
Vaccination center on the beaches of Miami

It is worth mentioning that the quota of 600 entering the country does not include the excepted, such as: public officials, soccer players authorized to participate in a tournament, and other exceptions. So it may happen that one day more than 600 people will arrive in the country.

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The other airline that offers a no-connection route between Buenos Aires and Miami is American Airlines. For the moment, as confirmed by the company, the schedule has 10 flights destined for Miami, between July 1 and 12 of the same month with a daily frequency except for the 6th and 8th. talk about arrivals, on the same days as the departures.

However, it should be mentioned that these estimated dates are subject to what is resolved by the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC), an entity that has not yet ruled on the authorizations for the month of July. From the agency, they informed Infobae, that “none of this is official, it may or may not remain so.”

In the framework of a new coronavirus outbreak caused by the Delta variant, these restrictions once again cause inconvenience for those who were planning a trip, whether for pleasure, for vaccinations or to visit relatives abroad. In the same way, it produces anguish in those who must return to the country and find themselves “stranded.” The climate produces a already seen that recalls the situations experienced by Argentines at the beginning of last year in various cities around the world.


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