Air Serbia expands partnership with American Airlines

Rewrite this content The airline from Serbia is expanding its interline partnership with American Airlines. “By combining the Serbian national airline’s Belgrade-Chicago service, which will begin May 17, 2023, with American Airlines’ flights between Chicago and other destinations, passengers will have the opportunity to easily fly to a large number of US cities achieve,” writes Air Serbia. With the expansion of the interline partnership and the addition of Chicago to Air Serbia’s route network, more than 70 US destinations will be served from Belgrade, including Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Diego, Seattle, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Miami, San Antonio, Denver, Orlando, Jacksonville, Boston, Portland, Tampa, Houston, New Orleans, Austin, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Nashville, Washington, Memphis, Omaha and Springfield. Air Serbia and American Airlines already have an interline partnership, thanks to which the Serbian capital is connected to a number of US destinations via New York. and and more content about Air Serbia expands partnership with American Airlines