Airbnb : the city of Bordeaux wants to be very vigilant

Airbnb : the city of Bordeaux wants to be very vigilant


A building on the very nice place Camille Pelletan in the heart of the Saint-Michel district. the ” Four of the seven apartments are now transformed into rental Airbnb. This is only one example among others “, ” says Matthieu Rouveyre. The advisor municipal socialist has created its own ” observatory “, and considers that Bordeaux is ” the second city airbnbisée “ just after Paris with 19 bids for 1,000 inhabitants.

The city, which has welcomed almost 6 million tourists last year, has seen the phenomenon Airbnb grow. A phenomenon that appeared in the big day on the occasion of the European football championship 2016 with 250,000 reservations claimed by the website.

Observatory open data

the upturn in The tourist to confirm, the local hostelry rest on an excellent dynamic. The park of 7,000 rooms recorded a rate of reservation which is far superior to 70 %. It is the impact on the rental market that is open to debate. the ” supply and demand ” Airbnb is highly focused on the heart of the city with the effect of siphoning the rental classic, particularly for small surfaces “, summarises Stéphan Delaux, deputy Alain Juppé, in charge of tourism.

Mauled by the critics, Airbnb has released last month the results of a study seeming to contradict the critical recurring heard in Bordeaux. It shows a growth of 22 % in the number of stays, lower than the national average (33 %), and a low impact on the rental market. Only 0.4% of bordelais park would be dedicated to tourist rental. As for the guest renting a whole flat, 94 % would not have a single advertisement.

The threshold of 120 nights per year

Matthieu Rouveyre refutes the ” figures unverifiable “, and is inspired by the methods of the “hacktivist” canadian Tom Slee for ” to circumvent the blockades put in place by Airbnb “, and aggregate data to feed an Observatory that provides figures for the whole of France. In Bordeaux, it is estimated the number of bids to 10.700 when Airbnb in advance less than 8,000. the ” And contrary to the discourse of Airbnb on the sharing and collaborative aspect, these offers are more than 80 % of the dwellings whole “, insists Matthieu Rouveyre.

from march next year and as at Paris, all the owners offering a rental on Airbnb will have to register with the Metropolis. In excess of 120 nights per year, their property will pass in the category ” furnished flat of tourism “. As for those offering apartments whole tourist rental, they will be required to create one second for the normal market.

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