Airbnb will donate more than 1.4 million d'euros to the three towns of the Côte d'Azur



13.5 million euros against 7.3 in 2016.

This is the amount of the tax collected in 2017 in France that Airbnb will pass them to 50 cities in france, against 19 last year.

If Paris wins the half, the Alpes-Maritimes are largely affected as the rental market between individuals is, for Airbinb, the second of France with 31.500 ads, 584.000 travellers, 145 nationalities, and a total income of 560 million euros.

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So Nice going to touch 863.000€ (2nd after Paris), Cannes 342.000€ (7th) and Antibes, 242.000€. An increase of +332% for Nice and +202% for the Cannes film festival.

15.000 commons next year

The next year, other cities of the department will also benefit as Airbnb become more and more the automatic collection of the tax to more than 15,000 common of which will be invested in tourism development projects to enhance the attractiveness.

“The automated collection of the tax is a simple and effective way to ensure that the development of tourism truly benefits all, and to all the territories. This is why we wish to generalize this mechanism by the spring of next”, said Emmanuel Marill, ceo of Airbnb France.

in addition, on 8 December last year, the national assembly voted the establishment of a tax from 2019 that will be seen common.

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The deputies have enabled the communities to fix the tariff in a range between 1% and 5% of the cost excluding tax per night per person on accommodation “not classified” available for rent by the platforms of online booking.

If the gesture of Airbnb is emphasized, it should also be recalled that in 2016, the american giant who wields the tax optimization to perfection, has paid that 92.944€ of taxes to the State…


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