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Airbus A380: the farewell of the largest passenger plane in the world

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The European company Airbus announced on Thursday that it will stop producing the A380 model, considered the largest passenger plane in the world.

In a statement, the company said it will deliver the latest aircraft in 2021.

The decision was made after the airline Emirates, which was the main client of the plane, reduce your orders.

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The costly aircraft has struggled to compete in a market where smaller models are being sought and greater efficiency in fuel consumption.

In the statement, Airbus indicated that Emiratesva will reduce its A380 order from 162 to 123 aircraft.

"As a result of this decision we do not have a sufficient basis to sustain production, beyond our offers to other airlines in recent years. That makes us stop delivery of A380 in 2021, "said company president Tom Enders.

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Airbus said it will deliver the latest A380s to Emirates in 2021.

"We know that thousands of passengers love to fly in this great aircraft, so this is a painful announcement for us and the A380 community around the world, "he said.

The company said the impact of the decision was "widely studied" after seeing the positive results of the firm in 2018, which showed a profit close to US $ 3,000 million.

Why is the end of manufacturing?

Airbus created the A380 – its first flight was in 2007 – to compete with the Boeing 747 for the dominance of the aircraft market. superjumbos in the world.

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However, despite its size and which was one of the favorites of the passengers, it was expensive for the airlines that finally opted for other models in the market such as Boeing Dreamliner.

"The trend in the market imposed planes that could cover great distances with only two turbines (the A380 has four) like the Dreamliner or the Airbus A330 or A350 itself," Greg Waldron, editor of Flight Global magazine, told BBC News.

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The market trend has been to opt for long-range aircraft but lower fuel consumption, such as the Boeing Dreamliner.

Airbus will deliver the last 14 A380s to Emirates in the next two years. In fact, the airline that has its headquarters in Dubai ordered 70 aircraft to Airbus, but in smaller models.

Thousands of jobs at risk

Although Airbus has its administrative headquarters in Toulouse, France, the truth is that it has production centers in Germany, United Kingdom and Cyprus.

In fact, the wings of the A380 were produced in the United Kingdom. The company said that "we will begin to discuss the impact that this decision could bring about 3,500 jobs (in the United Kingdom) in the next three years."

One of the options could be to transfer part of those employees to the production of models such as the A320, which has become a favorite of the market and could offer "a series of opportunities within the company".

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