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Airbus plans to cut 5,100 jobs at its German locations due to the Corona crisis – the European aircraft manufacturer announced on Tuesday evening. The company is now appealing to the federal government to extend the statutory short-time work to two years. As a result, significantly fewer jobs would have to be cut in the coming years than previously planned.

Job cuts at Airbus: Bangen in Hamburg

Hamburg Journal

The planned job cuts at Airbus are frightening many. It is not yet clear where Hamburg’s biggest employer is headed. Can redundancies be prevented?

The measure would primarily help the Hamburg plant

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With a longer short-time allowance, 1,500 of the threatened jobs could be saved, says Airbus board member Michael Schöllhorn (archive photo).

If the short-time allowance were extended, around 1,500 of the threatened jobs could be saved, said Airbus board member Michael Schöllhorn. The expansion of short-time working rules is particularly useful for the locations where the A320 family is built – especially for Hamburg. The plant in Finkenwerder is the center for short- and medium-haul jets, about every second aircraft of the A320 family is built here. Airbus expects demand for the smaller aircraft to pick up faster than for long-haul jets.

Hope for research projects

Schöllhorn also hopes that the federal and state governments will take part in research projects for clean aviation. 400 to 500 Airbus engineers could find employment there whose jobs are otherwise threatened.

Hamburg’s Senator for Economic Affairs Michael Westhagemann (non-party) has already announced that the Senate wants to provide 50 million euros for such a project. Lower Saxony also pledges millions in financial support for this. As of Thursday, the Airbus leadership wants to start negotiations with the German employee representatives about details of the planned job cuts.

Union warns of clear cutting

The IG Metall coast union warned of excessive job cuts due to the corona crisis. “The employees of Airbus have already made their contribution to safeguarding the future of the company,” said Daniel Friedrich, District Manager IG Metall Coast. Instead of clear cutting, the company should rather build a bridge into the period after the crisis, said Friedrich.

Impending job cuts: what Airbus demands

NDR 90.3

Airbus appeals to the federal government to extend the statutory short-time work to two years. As a result, significantly fewer jobs would have to be cut. Dietrich Lehmann reports.

2,000 jobs in Finkenwerder on the brink

Airbus employs tens of thousands of people across Germany and has numerous locations – for example in Hamburg-Finkenwerder or Bremen. At the Hamburg plant, Airbus employed around 14,000 people before the Corona crisis began. Almost all agency workers have already left the factory and a large part of the permanent workforce is on short-time work. According to information from NDR 90.3, there are more than 2,000 jobs at the Hamburg-Finkenwerder location alone; operational layoffs are excluded until the end of the year.

Sönke Fock, the head of the Hamburg employment agency, does not believe that one has to say goodbye to Airbus as a major employer in the city: “I see the measures that have already been agreed all aimed at securing employment in Hamburg.”

Further information

According to information from NDR 90.3, Airbus wants to cut every sixth job in Hamburg alone. The company is thus responding to the reduced demand for new aircraft. (07/01/2020) more


NDR Info

NDR Info

Stade also owes part of its prosperity to aircraft construction. Around 2,000 people work here at Airbus. They are worried about the planned job cuts. Video (02:02 min)

Stade, Nordenham, Varel, Buxtehude, Bremen and Hamburg-Finkenwerder – these are the Airbus locations in Germany. 5,100 jobs are to be dropped here, but it is unclear where exactly. (07/01/2020) more

Airbus has announced austerity measures due to the corona crisis. The IG Metall union calls on the company to clarify this quickly – and not to cut jobs on a large scale. (06/29/2020) more

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