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Location: 02.07.2020 19:04 o’clock – NDR 90.3

Airbus plans to cut 5,100 jobs at its German locations due to the Corona crisis – the European aircraft manufacturer had already announced this on Tuesday evening. On Thursday, the management spoke for the first time to the works councils at the German locations about details of how jobs should be cut. According to labor director Marco Wagner, there are a total of 3,160 jobs at all northern German locations that are currently and will not be needed in the coming years. According to information from NDR 90.3, around 2,260 jobs will be lost in Hamburg.

Airbus plans to cut 2,260 jobs in Hamburg

Hamburg Journal

The savings program of the aircraft manufacturer Airbus provides for 2,260 jobs to be cut in Finkenwerder – less than initially expected.

350 jobs in Stade at risk

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Around 2,260 jobs are to be cut at the Airbus plant in Hamburg.

The plant in Stade is particularly badly affected: there are 350 jobs at risk. Around 440 jobs are on the strike list in Bremen. Airbus has sent 1,100 temporary workers home since the onset of the Corona crisis. The works councils are now also negotiating whether and how the remaining employees will reduce their working hours – and thus be able to spread the work over as many shoulders as possible.

Cutbacks not only in production

Wagner spoke of the worst crisis in aviation history. No area at Airbus will be spared, said the labor director. So cuts should not only be made in production. After the crisis, Airbus would probably be a smaller company overall, Wagner said. However, he emphasized that the planned shaft dismantling should not be used to further automate production.

Where Airbus wants to cut jobs

NDR 90.3

Airbus has fleshed out its announcements: the north is expected to handle more than half of the job cuts in Germany. Dietrich Lehmann reports.

Meanwhile, Airbus is increasing pressure on governments in Germany and France extend the short-time working rules. According to the company management, this could potentially result in thousands of jobs that are not currently needed. There is also talk of further reducing working hours. Nevertheless, none of this will be enough to completely avoid job cuts, said Wagner.

Further information

The aircraft manufacturer Airbus appeals to the federal government to extend the statutory short-time work to two years. As a result, significantly fewer jobs would have to be cut. (07/01/2020) more

According to information from NDR 90.3, Airbus wants to cut every sixth job in Hamburg alone. The company is thus responding to the reduced demand for new aircraft. (07/01/2020) more

Stade, Nordenham, Varel, Buxtehude, Bremen and Hamburg-Finkenwerder – these are the Airbus locations in Germany. 5,100 jobs are to be dropped here, but it is unclear where exactly. (07/01/2020) more

Airbus has announced austerity measures due to the corona crisis. The IG Metall union calls on the company to clarify this quickly – and not to cut jobs on a large scale. (06/29/2020) more

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