AirFusion launches a software platform that uses AI to detect damage and predict risks in the wind industry

AirFusion launches a software platform that uses AI to detect damage and predict risks in the wind industry

BOSTON , April 16, 2018 / PRNewswire / – AirFusion , developers of the main software solutions that use artificial intelligence to detect damage and predict risks, has presented today AirFusion Wind , a workflow based on the cloud and an analysis platform that uses artificial intelligence to identify and classify damage to the assets of wind turbines. The platform offers a faster and more accurate analysis of wind turbine inspection data, enabling proactive and predictive maintenance that significantly reduces the risks of catastrophic failures, excessive downtime and loss of revenue based on performance. AirFusion Wind quickly transforms pixel-based inspection images captured by drones, terrestrial sensors and other image capture tools, into data that can be used throughout the enterprise to reduce costs and increase profits.

AirFusion’s patent-pending sensor fusion technology, in combination with an advanced technological core of convolutional neural network and artificial intelligence, takes advantage of terabytes of specialized images in a unique training set based on specific vertical heuristics and deep learning techniques of experts in the wind sector from all over the world. The “self-learning” artificial intelligence system continuously processes new sensor images and related data to optimize overall accuracy. AirFusion Wind offers consistent detection and analysis for wind operators that span the entire company. Clients have global access to inspection data and analytics tools to quickly create and save dynamic and custom reports that easily integrate into the Internet of Things, ERP, CMMS or other enterprise data systems.

As it grows, the commercial wind ecosystem also faces numerous challenges: an obsolete infrastructure that, despite the problems of condition, requires 95% more time of activity and maximum generative efficiency, the downward pressure on the prices in the energy markets, the requirements for inspections to offer better and usable data instantly and the transition to drone-based inspections with more data and better quality. All this increases the time and costs necessary to generate inspection reports and analyzes carried out by humans. If we add to this the downward pressure on the prices of energy operators in relation to the general maintenance and operations budgets (to adjust to the pressure on energy prices), we will have the perfect storm: without help, the analysis 100 % performed by humans is economically unsustainable.

“Only solutions based on artificial intelligence will be powerful enough to deal with the demand, scale and complexities of autonomous inspections of wind turbines,” he said. Dennis Chateauneuf , president and CEO of AirFusion. “AirFusion Wind’s unique combination of image recognition technology, patent pending sensor fusion technology and artificial intelligence offers the right consistency to obtain highly accurate inspections and the scalability our customers demand.” With AirFusion Wind, data analysis Inspection is reduced from hours to minutes and allows to offer forecasts and prescriptive maintenance that drastically reduce operating costs “.

AirFusion Wind monitors turbine conditions, identifies damage and asset degradation, streamlines inspection workflows and generates reports for the most intelligent and reliable infrastructure monitoring. The easy-to-use and technically advanced analysis tools help customers get better and more accurate answers from the data they collect, while reducing the cost per report. With the use of machine learning based on artificial intelligence, the accuracy increases substantially and the time required for the analysis of data made by humans is reduced by up to 95%.

About AirFusion

AirFusion creates software solutions that use artificial intelligence for infrastructure inspection, automatic damage detection and predictive risk monitoring, significantly reducing downtime and lost revenue. Our clients are operators of energy assets (wind / electricity), telecommunications, oil and gas operators and service organizations that offer inspection / monitoring by commercial drones and other sensors. The AirFusion platform uses patent-pending sensor fusion technology to transform images captured by drones, or in field inspections, into useful data in just a few minutes instead of the days or weeks that manual inspection would take. The company, based in Boston and offices in the EU, is led by a team of visionary experts in infrastructure, artificial intelligence, cloud platforms and visual recognition technology. For more information, visit us at , On twitter @AirFusionNews or in LinkedIn .

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