Airliners stranded in New York: 250 passengers sue for XL Airways and Norwegian


At the beginning of January, more than 4,000 flights in total had to be canceled, whether they were intra-American or departing or going to the United States. For several hours or even days, hundreds of passengers had to wait in the airport lobbies , without information, but also without water, food or housing solution while a snowstorm paralyzed the traffic. An unacceptable situation for 250 of them who are now suing XL Airways and Norwegian.

This collective procedure which targets the two airlines denounce in particular “breaches of information”, learned confirming information of the Parisian . “There has been a total negligence in the treatment of passengers, says the passenger lawyer, Lorraine Papart, there is no justification for an attack that has been as long as seven days. This is an unprecedented situation. ”

And to add: “We reached a situation that had never been reached.”

Up to 16,000 euros claimed

Between January 4th and 11th, the eastern coast of the United States was paralyzed by considerable snowfall of up to 30 centimeters. Some flights to the Big Apple had to be rerouted leaving the passengers in utter disarray . Initially, the situation was not much better, as passengers were forced to wait without information and sleep in the terminal halls.

“Several pregnant women have warned the airline of their condition, other travelers are in remission of cancer and asked for assistance,” says Me Papart, saying that XL Airways and Norwegian have not made the effort to send these people on other flights, unlike other airlines that have been able to do this.

The lawyer intends to rely, before the tribunal de grande instance of Bobigny, on a European regulation to assert the rights of its customers. This text specifies that “outside the transport service”, companies must provide assistance in terms of housing or food. A compensation for moral and bodily injury but also for financial loss is claimed from XL AIrways and Norwegian. Between 10,000 and 16,000 euros could be claimed.


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