Airplane tire catches fire and passengers need to flee by jumping by the wing

Passengers had to exit the plane by the wing and jump to the ground during an evacuation of a Boeing 737 yesterday morning in the Netherlands. The tweet below, shared by JACDEC News, shows images of the moment when the occupants of the aircraft leave the equipment.

The untraditional evacuation took place with a Boeing 737-800 from the low-cost Dutch company Transavia, part of the Air France-KLM Group. The jet had just arrived from Seville, Spain, and during the long taxi ride at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam, the aircraft’s landing gear started to catch fire, specifically in the main train’s left tire.

With the warning of fire in the aircraft, the crew ordered the evacuation of the jet still in the taxiway and activated the front emergency exits, under the wings and in the rear. In this case, passengers who exited through the emergency window on the wings ended up having to jump from above, an approximate height of 3 to 4 meters.

A fact noticed by a person on Twitter is that, although the jet does not have a slide, unlike the competitor Airbus A320, pilots should put the flap in the most extended position possible, which is 40º, during the procedure of evacuation, facilitating the descent of passengers and forming a kind of slide.

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Despite this, no passengers were injured and Schipol’s emergency teams quickly arrived at the scene. The causes of the fire have not yet been revealed.