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Few people know exactly how airplanes work, and the science behind how to lift huge metal tubes thousands of meters into the air is a fairly complex concept.

But one woman recently revealed a fact about planes on Twitter that shocked and surprised other Internet users.

She wrote: “How old were you when you learned that airplanes store fuel in the wings?”

This tweet has been viewed over 250,000 times and people are just as amazed as the original author of this post.

One commenter on the post said: “I found this out today.”

Another said: “Wow, just now!”

A third person who already knew this explained exactly why this was done. photo. / Airplane

He wrote: “Placing the fuel tanks in the wings helps distribute the weight of the aircraft evenly. This balance is important for maintaining stability and maneuverability during flight.”

While this may be one reason, it is not the only one.

The aviation website Aerocorner has provided more reasons why airplane fuel is stored in the wings.

Placing the fuel tanks in the wings helps distribute the weight of the aircraft evenly.

Firstly, it means that there is no need to install a separate tank on the outside of the aircraft.

“This method uses the fully sealed structure of the aircraft wing for the fuel tank, rather than a special tank inside the wing,” aviation experts said. photo.  / Airplane photo. / Airplane

It also helps save costs for airlines as they can fit extra cargo or passengers on board and spend less money on maintenance.

“Heavy tanks require regular maintenance, which limits the amount of passengers or cargo the aircraft can carry. The lower maintenance and higher payload made this design show dollar signs in the eyes of potential buyers,” continued Aerocorner.

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