Airsoft in Chile and 11 countries join forces for little Emiliano

The first massive and simultaneous game of airsoft (discipline similar to paintball) in Valdivia and other cities in the country was organized this Sunday 29 to benefit Emiliano, the little infant who needs to raise 1,800 million pesos to acquire the most expensive drug in the world. world -Zolgensma- and that can only be bought in the United States.

In the regional capital, the event was held at the former Masisa plant, in the Collico sector, where dozens of enthusiastic participants arrived, whose contributions will go 100 percent to the little one who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy type 1.

Israel Silva, team leader of the Húsares de Valdivia airsoft, learned about Emiliano’s case a little over 15 days ago.

“I spoke with my team to do a charity event and they accepted. The Santiago clubs also wanted to participate and began to share information and teams began to join throughout Chile and in two weeks the teams from all over the country were committed to Emiliano’s cause, ”he explains.

Silva says that airsoft teams from Brazil, Mexico, the United States, Canada, Thailand, Finland, Bolivia, Peru, France, Japan and Spain have also agreed to collaborate with Emiliano.

The Húsares de Valdivia airsoft team leader informs that in addition to the massive game it was also possible to organize a raffle, with products donated by local businesses and assures that the commitment to Emiliano is 100 percent.

“Each money that enters the airsoft courts, teams and events will go 100% to Emiliano and we are happy to collaborate,” he concludes.

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