A five-year-old drowned in a pool at the Center Parcs Recreation Center on the Lac d’Ailette estate in Aisne. He had escaped the vigilance of his parents.
A five-year-old child, having escaped the vigilance of his parents, drowned Wednesday in a pool of Center Parcs located on Lake Ailette Chambouille ( Aisne ), we learned Thursday at the parquet of Laon. In the early evening, the father found the body of his child in an attraction of the park, consisting of a river with little power, a pool, and a “bubble”, reported the prosecutor’s office to AFP. The family, from the Paris region, “Was about to leave and the parents had removed the buoys of their eldest. He escaped their vigilance when the father was absent and the mother took care of the other child. , said this source. He was taken to the hospital by critics at Reims University Hospital between 8 pm and 8.30 pm, but succumbed in the evening.

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