Ajax coach Ten Hag is relieved after victory | Football

sport“>”It is clear that we are in a difficult phase,” he said. “And at least I have seen a team. They fought for each other. They wanted to solve things for each other. ”

sport“>Ajax could have found out before the break. “But luckily we made the first goal,” said Ten Hag. “And then you see that we can still play well if we get a little space. There were also those chances in our previous competitions. But then we were poorly at game resumes and we suffered too much loss of the ball. If it stays 0-0, we have players who can finish it. “

sport“>Ten Hag dared to have 18-year-old Jurriën Timber make his debut. He preferred the talent over Edson Álvarez and Perr Schuurs. „Jurriën is fast and very comfortable. He fitted the best into my plan. I also look at the opponent and Heerenveen has fast strikers. ”

Tadic on fire

sport“>Dusan Tadic took the wandering Ajax by the hand in the won away match against SC Heerenveen. The captain signed for the 0-1 and 0-2 and also initiated the attack from which Quincy Promes scored.

sport“>”Tadic on fire”, the supporters of the Amsterdam leader sang along. The Serbian celebrated his goals expanded. “I was relieved,” he said. “We needed this for a while. We just had to win here. “

sport“>With 0-1, Tadic gave Ajax the first goal in an away match since 331 minutes. “Those numbers don’t fit Ajax,” he said. “We could have found out again before the break. Then it would undoubtedly have become very difficult again. After that 0-1 you can see that we can still play well. “

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