Aji Santoso Transfer List at Persebaya Surabaya: 5 Fixes, Including Surprises for Bonek, Check the List

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TRIBUNWOW.COM – Persebaya Surabaya is the most aggressive team ahead of the opening of the transfer market at the start of the 2023/2024 League 1 season.

Reported, there are already five players targeting Persebaya Surabaya who are widely reported to have met an agreement to join and it remains only to be announced.

The five players who met an agreement to join Persebaya Surabaya consisted of three local and 2 foreign players.

Unmitigated, two names were prepared by the management of Persebaya Surabaya as a surprise for their loyal supporters, Bonek Mania.

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So, which of the five players have reached an agreement to join Persebaya Surabaya?

Also, who are the two surprise names for Bonek who have been confirmed to join next season?

The following explained the review of Aji Santoso’s transfer list for Persebaya Surabaya:

1. Reva Adi

The first name that has been widely agreed to join Persebaya Surabaya is Reva Adi Utama.

The figure of Reva Adi is certainly no stranger to Persebaya Surabaya fans, Bonek Mania.

This is because Reva Adi was recorded to have strengthened Persebaya Surabaya from March 4 2021 to April 30 2022.

His slick appearance with Persebaya Surabaya made Madura United tempted.

In the end, Reva Adi decided to join Madura United as of April 30, 2022.

However, judging by the latest news circulating, Reva Adi is reportedly rumored to have chosen to return with Persebaya Surabaya next season.