Akhannouch’s prostration to MBS makes the buzz

Akhannouch’s prostration in front of MBS makes the buzz. The sequence ignites and indignifies the canvas

The meeting took place two days ago. The controversy has swelled in recent days, after the Moroccan Prime Minister bowed last Monday to the Saudi Crown Prince!

Facts? During the environmental summit of the “Saudi Green Initiative” and the “Middle East Green Forum”, we can clearly see Moroccan Prime Minister Aziz Akhanouch bending down to greet Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salman.

A sequence that ignited the web. Between indignation and denunciation, Internet users, particularly Moroccans have been unleashed against the Prime Minister who, according to them, has not honored his Kingdom.

Aziz Akhanouch was received on Monday, October 25 by Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salman, carrying a written message from King Mohammed VI, the newly appointed Prime Minister of the Moroccan government was also there for intense working sessions on the sidelines of the Middle East Green Initiative Summit held in Riyadh, the Saudi capital.