Al-Badri: I asked for the return of Ramadan Sobhi to compensate for the departure of Al-Saeed


Hossam Al-Badri, the manager of the first football team in Al-Ahli club, said that he asked for the return of Ramadan Sobhi the coming period either permanently or on loan, all of which are still under study and I have not been informed of the steps taken so far. He added: “I started to develop many solutions that compensate for the departure of Abdullah Al-Saeed, who we lost on the technical level. He explained: The management of Al-Ahli Club has made the right and right decision for the Al-Saeed crisis, which is the decision that we have always used in Al-Ahli. Everyone knows that Al-Ahli does not stand on any player as always in Al-Ahli club. He stressed that it is possible to modify the way to play or search for another player that plays the same role of happiness, all things studied and research until the stability on the best technical for us. Al-Badri confirmed that there is no intention of abandoning the trio Ajay, Ali Maaloul and Azaro, and did not receive any offers in the recent period and all the rumors in this regard is not true at all even if the offers are rejected because Al Ahly club championship and looking for his favorite championship, For all items. Al-Badri made a speech to the fans of Al-Ahli, stressing that it is the true bond of the team and one of the elements involved in making the history of this great edifice and our goal is always its happiness and fulfillment of its ambitions, which is the focus of our thinking and we work on its happiness and addition to what has been accomplished over the past 111 years.


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