Al - Habsi comments on Al - Jaber 's statements .. and confirms: Championship league goal players

Al - Habsi comments on Al - Jaber 's statements .. and confirms: Championship league goal players

Citizen – Marwa Nabil

Ali Al Habsi, the international goalkeeper of Al Hilal Club, stressed that the championship is the goal of any player, expressing his happiness at the remarks of the new leader, Sami Al Jaber.
Al Hilal’s first football team won the Saudi league title this season, while failing to win the cup of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, and dropped out of the AFC Champions League 2018 group stage with only two points.
“I do not think we showed up in this Asian season in the way everyone wants, whether they are players, fans or management, but sometimes football has some conditions,” he said. “Hilal is not used to these conditions and is excluded from the first round.”
“The current season has been very difficult, as everyone knows, but we have been able to be the champions of the league, and this gives us a motive to enter the next season better and a greater focus so that we happy the masses to achieve all the competitions we compete with.”
“As a football player, the biggest task for us as players is the league, and with all the difficulties we managed to maintain the title. This is a positive point for the team and the players, while the conditions have affected our Asian season, and there is dissatisfaction because we were in the final.”
As for the future of Al Hilal after the retirement of Yasser Al-Qahtani and the departure of Osama Husawi, he said: “I have done a lot for the Saudi football, whether for Al Hilal or Saudi football, Yasser and Osama are legendary, and I am very happy that I participated in this simple period and managed to achieve a championship with them.”
On the remarks of Al Hilal President Sami Al Jaber, Ali Al Habsi is not a foreign player in the team. “This is a great honor and since my first day in Riyadh I feel that I am between my family and my brothers,” Habsi said during his remarks to UFM radio.
Al-Habsi continued his remarks by saying: “I see the great love and appreciation of the Hilal fans, the club president Sami Al Jaber, Prince Nawaf bin Saad and all the members of Halal Club, which is a special time for me.
The Omani international goalkeeper concluded his remarks saying: “I give thanks and appreciation and love to the audience of the great Crescent, and I wish to offer him the most and most in the next season.”

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