Al-Hayat Channel - Al-Ahli News: Al-Hayat channel map during the holy month of Ramadan (video)

Al-Hayat Channel - Al-Ahli News: Al-Hayat channel map during the holy month of Ramadan (video)

Al-Hayat channel during the holy month of Ramadan (Video) News Source:

Today, Thursday, May 17, 2018 Source: Al Fajr After the tremendous development witnessed by Al-Hayat Group after Yasir Selim took over the board of directors, the channel has a large selection of exclusive programs and serials, Al-Mufti’s program shows 12.30 pm, “Kitchen” program to be shown at 1 pm, “Religion and Life” program 4 pm, Cartoon “Habib Allah” Part 3 at 6 pm, “Hadith of Fasting” 6.30 pm. The series are scheduled to be played as follows: “Roumi quarter” 7 pm, “Malika” 8 pm, “Against unknown” 9 pm, “Kalbash 2” 10 pm, “Ayoub” 11 pm. Network TV Life, decided to introduce the technology HD On its main channel (Al Hamra), where all its series and programs will be presented with the latest technology, in order to better serve the audience. Using the technology HD , Was the result of the development witnessed by the network since Yasser Salim took over the presidency two weeks ago. The frequency of the channels in the TV network Life: the main channel of life (red) with the new technology Frequency 12206 V , Life 2 Frequency V , Life Series Frequency V 12437 , Life and people V 12206 . Loma News is a news search engine and Loma News disclaims its full responsibility for the contents of the news or images, but it is the responsibility of the original publisher of the news and source. The original publisher also bears the copyright and intellectual property rights of the news. This news has been automatically transmitted in case you have the news and you want to delete it. Please refer to the original source of the news first and then email us to delete the news

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