Mohamed Halim, the general manager of the border guards team, said that the confrontation against Zamalek in the Premier League today will be difficult and great in light of the brilliant technical and moral condition of the white team, who seek to make the biggest difference of points to resolve the contest before the return of Ahli to local competitions after the end of the African Champions League.

"Despite all that Zamalek have, they have strong players from the sample of Kahraba, Kasongo, Obama and Ibrahim Hassan, but we have prepared a plan to stop the danger of this whole group and to disrupt the building of its attacks to avoid reaching a goal," Halim told the Kalam Al-Joun program.

"The attacking side of the guard will use the weapon of rapid counter-attacks in light of the fact that Zamalek is flawed by the lack of defense coverage because of the offensive progress of the foreign players and Ahmed Abu Al-Fotouh."



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