Al Horford’s Recent Season: Saying No to the Dominican National Team and Falling Short of the NBA Finals

Saying no to the Dominican national team and failing to reach the NBA finals mark Horford’s most recent season

There is no doubt that Al Horford he is the best and most successful player to come out of the Dominican Republic. His multiple playoff appearances and NBA All-Star selections are only part of his accomplishments.

So it is ironic that despite everything that has been achieved to date, the star of the Boston Celtics does not have the full support of the Dominican fans due to a decision that many have not yet accepted and assimilated.

Horford turns 37 years old this June 3 and 16 of them have been spent in the best basketball in the world, the NBA. The Dominican accumulates a career worthy of admiration and when he finishes it, he will go down in the historical lists as one of the best Latin American players who have set foot on the little boards.

But how long does the Dominican’s career have left? Entering the 2022-23 season, Horford trailed only Udonis Haslem, Andre Iguodala, LeBron James, Taj Gibson, Chris Paul, PJ Tucker, Goran Dragic, Rudy Gay, Jeff Green and George Hill. Of them only PJ Tucker played more games, although fewer total minutes.

Last December Horford and the Celtics agreed to a contract extension for two more seasons, which binds him to the organization until 2025 when he will turn 39, indicating that the team is confident in his longevity to continue contributing to the team. .

The former Hawks, Sixers and Thunder player has transformed his game to stay relevant, relying more on his long-range shooting and defense, more for intelligence than physical abilities. His three-point shot was the subject of debate during the playoffs, especially because of the “elite shooter” controversy.

Horford can be productive and has never been in better health, since he has not had any type of injury that has caused him to miss extended time even if they administer his use during the season and for the remainder of his contract the Celtics will have an arduous task in the search for his replacement.

Regarding the Dominican national team, Horford decided not to join the team that will participate in the next FIBA ​​World Cup due to personal decisions. According to what has been said, he understands that his stage in this regard has already concluded.

But the truth is that we are already in the final stretch of Al Horford’s career as an active player and as basketball fans we can only enjoy it. He fits her. Little, but he has left and you have to enjoy Horford while he lasts. No grudges or pointless anger.

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2023-06-03 22:01:02

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