Al-Ittihad – Argentina records record daily death toll in Coruna

Argentina has recorded a record daily death toll from the emerging corona virus, 113, bringing the total number of corona victims in the Latin American country to 2,373, according to the authorities.
This record outcome comes at a time when some of the restrictions it imposed in the South American country were lifted to limit the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, especially in the capital and its suburbs, where 90% of injuries are concentrated and where the authorities imposed strict closures for a period of two weeks.
On Monday evening, the total number of people infected with the epidemic in Argentina reached 130,761 people.

A third of Argentines (about 14 million out of 44 million people) live in the greater Buenos Aires region that includes the capital and its suburbs and where the authorities imposed severe restrictions on movement from the first until July 17.
Despite the steady increase in the number of people infected with the virus, the authorities went ahead with the process of gradually lifting the restrictions imposed, with the aim of alleviating the population tired by these measures and to revive the economy.



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