Al-Khelaïfi told AFP: "We are one of the three biggest football brands in the world"

Paris SG is "today one of the three biggest football brands in the world" welcomed its president Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, Thursday in an interview with AFP, after the signing of a partnership with the American brand Jordan which reinforces its visibility internationally.

The partnership with Nike's subsidiary will also "help" PSG to "increase" its commercial revenues, he said, while the Paris club remains in the sights of UEFA as part of the financial fair play . According to a source close to the record, this partnership could generate a total of up to "200 million euros" in annual revenue on all cumulative sales of Nike and Jordan products associated with the PSG brand.

Q: When Qatar Sport Investments (QSI) came to PSG in 2011, one of your goals was to make PSG a global sports brand. Is it achieved with this partnership?

A: "For 7 years, we have been pushing the club step by step.Today, it is a big step, a big leap, to go to the next level.It is a big step for our project, our brand. I think today we're one of the top three football brands in the world, it's important to be at that level, but for us, what's important is not just talking about + brand + or + mall + because the most important thing is what happens in the field, I hope this (partnership) will give our players more energy and motivation. "

Q: To be associated with Jordan, is it an asset to help PSG win new fans and new strategic markets like Asia?

A: "Absolutely, I think it's very important that we can reach more fans because the Jordan brand is North America, Asia, China … It's huge So, it will certainly help us to reach fans who do not care or do not like football, and with our + lifestyle + line, we will be able to reach more people, for example: children, youth, This is one of our goals with this partnership: to attract more fans. "

Q: How did you manage to convince Jordan to choose Paris rather than more established clubs like FC Barcelona?

A: "In fact they are the ones who chose us!" As you know, (Nike) has a lot of other clubs so for us it is a lot that they chose the PSG rather than another (…) To be honest, since we acquired the club, we had in mind to do something different, unique, creative and innovative.In our discussions with Nike, our partner for over 30 years, they have asked + Why will not you partner with Jordan? " We thought about it, continued the discussions for almost two years, and we thought why not. It has been a long time but I am very happy to be here today. "

Q: Can this partnership lead to a contract extension linking Nike and PSG in the future?

A: "There are discussions, let's see, let's hope the story continues."

Q: Do you think this can send a "positive sign" to UEFA in financial fair play?

A: "Yes, that will help, that's why I was telling everyone: + Do not worry because our income is going up. + We still have a lot of things to do of course but the PSG's overall mark, with Jordan, can bring us a lot of revenue, already this season. "

Interview by Yassine KHIRI.

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