Al-Marzouki: We expect a record for public attendance at Abu Dhabi International Gujitsu


The director of the Abu Dhabi International Championships for Jujitsu, who launched its 10th edition yesterday, confirmed that the organizing committee expects the current edition to witness the breaking of the record number of public attendance, which reached more than 40,000 spectators in the last edition.

The activities accompanying the competition began with the launch of the event yesterday.
Fahad Ali: Two days for the armed forces and police new addition
Secretary General of the Federation of Asian and International Federation of the United Arab Emirates, Fahad Ali, confirmed that the two days of the events of the Abu Dhabi International Championships for Professionals of the National Service, the Armed Forces and the Police are a new addition to the championship program which is evolving year after year.
“We see a remarkable development of the championship year after year, through the adoption of new programs with each new version, and competition in this version includes all categories, especially that schools and clubs play a significant role in the spread of the game and expand the base of practitioners And to develop training programs intensively in order to participate in local and international tournaments.
He added: “The festival, which started yesterday, within the tournament, aims to connect the largest number of players to the game, and everyone is motivated to compete in these competitions, both school players, clubs or academies, as well as national players, who prepared to participate in strong competitions» .

Al-Marzouqi told Emirates Al-Youm that “since the first day of the championship, we have seen a large crowd, especially in the heritage tent held on the sidelines of the tournament for the tenth time, which indicates that we will exceed the record number of public attendance. The tournament is especially important this year, through competitions for the first time, most notably the King of the rug, which will be attended by some of the most prominent players in the world, and waiting for the masses from different countries of the world, which was keen to attend to Abu Dhabi to follow up.
“The Abu Dhabi International Junior Championships kicked off yesterday at the Abu Dhabi International Festival. The National Service Championship, which witnessed a strong participation of National Service players, was the first participation in the World Championship. The objectives of the Federation to include all sports and national institutions under the umbrella of the global sporting event, and the activities associated with the competition began with the launch of the event, and began the tent events receive the audience of the tournament in conjunction with the start of the competition, which includes exhibitions of 17 institutions and National companies, and their activities included traditional, scientific and health events, and certainly the turnout will rise day after the other ».
“The program of initiatives and lectures will begin tomorrow, and includes lectures that contain various topics useful to athletes and the public, provided by lecturers from within and outside the country.”
The tournament will be held at the Mubadala Arena in Zayed Sports City, with 9000 players representing 100 countries. The competition will continue until 28 January and will exceed one million dollars.
Dubai Police Record First Attendance at Heritage Tent
Dubai Police have recorded their first event at the Heritage Tent, which takes place on the sidelines of the Abu Dhabi International Championships for Jujitsu Professionals, which was launched yesterday through various pavilions that provide educational services and entertainment programs to the audience with whom they interact enthusiastically, especially children of different ages.
Abu Dhabi Police was also in the tent next to the pavilions of a number of government institutions, services and cultural heritage, which were distributed throughout the tent erected on a wide area from the main entrance of the Mubadala Arena to the competition.
A number of companies and institutions introduced various heritage programs, which attracted a great number of visitors.
A number of members of the Board of Directors of the Jujitsu Federation, led by the Vice President of the Federation, Mohammed Salem Al Dhaheri, toured the Heritage Tent to see what all the pavilions offer to the masses. Al Dhahiri praised the efforts made by the Organizing Committee in preparing the Heritage Tent, The works symbolize the authentic UAE heritage.


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