Al-Qai’i: Al-Ahli did not receive any money in the deal Al-Saeed .. Al-Khatib agreed for the team


Adli al-Qai’i, director of Ahli’s contracts, confirmed that the club has not received any money for agreeing to loan Abdullah Al-Saeed to a Cuban team in the Finnish club. A source at Al-Ahli club had earlier revealed to Yalla Koura that the club had agreed to loan Al-Said to Kubion in the Finnish club for two months. Abdullah Al-Saeed told Yalla Koura that he was playing for two months in Finland to prepare for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. “We have been looking for solutions to the happy crisis. I learned from Sayed Abdulhafeez and Abdel-Aziz Abdul Shafi that Al-Saeed has already moved to a Finnish club. The restriction is open there,” Al-Qai’i said in remarks to On Sport. He continued: “The idea was to search for a club where Al-Saeed would play without any pressure, especially in light of Ahli’s decision not to pay in the matches because of his signing for Zamalek for the benefit of the Egyptian team.” “After finishing his career in Finland and also participating in the World Cup, we will then look out naturally during the upcoming summer transfer period.” The president of the Ahly Jeddah club announced earlier that the program “Action O League” famous that the happy will be in the team next season under the auspices of Turki Al-Sheikh, head of the Saudi Sports Authority. “There have been contacts with the football federation and the national team. We have reached this solution so that Al Sa’eed can play and his level is not affected. Khatib agreed to this in the interest of the Egyptian team.” Al-Qai’i concluded his remarks by saying: “Al-Ahli club has not received any money for this transfer. I do not know the position of the player and whether he will receive dues or not.”


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