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AL resumes breast reconstruction surgeries after drop in hospital occupation by Covid

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Helping in the self-esteem of women who had their breast removed because of breast cancer. This is the objective of the Ame-se Program, which guarantees breast reconstruction for women with mastectomies and was resumed by the Government of Alagoas on Monday (19) at the Hospital Regional da Mata (HRM), in União dos Palmares, after the decrease in occupancy of beds by Covid-19 statewide.

The State Department of Health (Sesau) started the program in October last year, but had to pause it due to the pandemic. Until April of this year, Ame-se had already attended 56 women and performed six complete surgical procedures, until the placement of the definitive silicone prosthesis.

Yesterday, the first patient benefited was 32-year-old Elielma dos Santos. The cosmetics seller discovered breast cancer three years ago, while nursing her youngest daughter. Elielma first removed the left breast, where the nodule was discovered. Next, she had to have her right breast removed, as a preventive procedure to reduce her risk of developing the disease again, as she is considered a high-risk patient for breast cancer.

“Finally I will feel complete again, after a lot of struggle, and thanks to the Ame-se team. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to do this surgery. I started breast reconstruction on February 22, first putting in expanders and now I have my permanent silicone implants”, she reported.

“I just have to thank you for all the monitoring received from these excellent professionals. I’ve always struggled to get breast reconstruction done, and if it wasn’t for Ame-se, I wouldn’t have done it. This will change a lot in my life, especially my self-esteem, and I’m going to go back to the beach, something I’ve always enjoyed doing, but since I got the breast, I’ve lost the desire to go there”, said Elielma, born in São Miguel dos Campos.

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Reconstruction steps – The procedure performed by the Ame-se Program team was led by plastic surgeons Pedro Gomes and Marcelo Barros. The surgery lasted about three hours. According to doctor Pedro Gomes, one of the techniques to perform breast reconstruction in women with mastectomies is to use part of the latissimus dorsi or abdominal muscles.

“In February, Elielma had undergone breast reconstruction and expanders were placed, which are empty prostheses where we gradually put saline solution to expand the skin of the breasts and, later, make the exchange for permanent silicone implants, a procedure that took place in this Monday”, explained the doctor, noting that the surgery sought to leave the breasts with the most symmetrical appearance possible.


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