«Al-Salama Ya Bebo» .. Khatib surgery is performed in the back column tomorrow (video)


Ahmed Massoud
Mahmoud Al-Khatib, head of the Ahli club, will perform laparoscopic surgery in the back column on Monday with German doctor Mayer.

The president will need a 6-week rest break, including 6 days in Germany, and the rest of the period will be a natural treatment in Dubai. Bebe will travel from Germany next week to Dubai for the post-operative rehabilitation program .

Beppu is not the president of the largest club in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East, but the story of a player who loves the public and then a member of the board of the Red Fort, and one of the personalities that fans have loved since the football stadiums, until today.

The Egyptian football stadiums were not a talented player of the size, weight and value of Mahmoud Al-Khatib, Al-Ahli’s star and Egypt’s team in the 1970s and 1980s, who puzzled opponents, tired defenders, tired the guards and upset their dreams. It was and will remain a milestone and can not be forgotten in the history of Egyptian, African and Arab football.

Al-Khatib was born in the village of Qarqaira in the center of Sinbillawin in Dakahlia governorate. When he was 15 years old, his name became very frequent in the field of football, especially during his participation in the school stage with the sports school. Win it.

Al-Khatib joined to write a line of Noor, after which no player came to write an example. He is a fan of the masses and is a favorite of all the players in the continent, whether with Red or Egypt.

Beateau is suffering from a health crisis that has been plagued by all his fans and fans in the recent period. Beibu is not exhausted by the hearts of football fans in Egypt, especially Ahlawi, and they were not satisfied to see the golden age of the Khatib in the presidency of Ahli, as they saw his golden age as a player in the Red Fort and one Her legends.

Khatib’s injuries and illness are the result of a series of injuries, which the fans of the fans have been subjected to throughout his career. He has sometimes been forced to poke this pain by injecting him to ensure that he continues to be glued to the stadiums and that he has talked a lot about the curse of many of the injuries he suffered and how he resisted it with perseverance, , Most notably the pain in his knee, neck and eye during his last years in the stadiums.

Khatib began to feel pain in his eyes and ears before 2011, almost lived Bebo hardest times with the harmful in this period, and he suffered from a severe headache, forcing him to carry out radiation on the brain, and the existence of a tumor in recent years.

Khatib’s disease required doctors to perform surgical surgery in the brain, although they found that the tumor was benign and not malignant, which was approved by Khatib and began to terminate his travel to Germany.

Khatib preferred to hide his illness from his family, with the exception of his wife, who was not aware of what he had suffered. However, Ekrami pushed him to stand beside him in his ordeal, and only informed his daughter’s husband.

Throughout his long career in the field, Bebo suffered from cruciate ligament injury, neck injury, injury to the eye and almost all parts of a body that had the curse of football and its ugly face.

Egyptian football fans all send a message of reassurance and a call to heal the ball and morality in Egypt, “Bebo”.


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